Our story begins with a passion through the Douro Valley and Douro River. The region is one of the most stunning landscapes in the world! Casa Agrícola Rui Batel, detains an hundred and twenty two hectares, divided by three villas in the parish of Almendra, in the Municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, located in Douro Superior region, which Unesco has designated as belonging to the world cultural heritage.

Its geographic location, has the virtues of schist soil and privileged sun exposure which creates an unique microclimate, characterized by the great thermal amplitude and low Douro Superior Wines rainfall, unique conditions for the olive groves, vineyards and almond trees.

The company, produces and markets endogenous food products from the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, recognized by its top notch quality and unique character products.


We are producers from Douro Superior - Portugal

How our extra virgin olive oil is made?

Like the wine grapes, olives do not go well with mechanization. The high quality oils normally are obtained by hand picking the olives. After the olive harvesting, olives go through a few basic processes, all done mechanically - washing, grinding, mixing, pressing, separation and stocking. Finally, the precious, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil pours out of a tube that drains into a steel container where it will be stocked in a cool place before bottling.

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